Friday, August 15, 2014

Israeli Entrepreneur Raised $2m With a 5 Page Presentation About Nothing

Forbes Magazine published that Itay Adam, an Israeli entrepreneur raised a seed round from a South American private equity fund after a 40 minutes presentation.

Adam wrote on his web-page:

“It was a 40 minutes presentation with 5 slides, 2 cups of coffee, 18 jokes, snickers, jeans, a Threadless t-shirt and no product. It was all about philosophy, experience, age, and passion. In fact, it was a stand-up comedy act of 40 minutes. I bitched, trashed, yelled, cursed, and pitched this private equity with the best show I had within me. A few days later, we signed the deal and now I am at the liberty to announce that I closed a $2M round with no product, just a smart concept. And a rather simple one. A real one. Here it is: “No one knows what the next big thing is going to be. We are all just speculating. My goal is to build a group of people to find it. A group of  5-6 people, all veterans with a proven record, all at the age +35.”


If you are curious how to do that here is the presentation Itay showed his investors:

It's a Slideshow About Nothing from BetaPopcorn

Here is a link to Itay's webpage: Itay Adam

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