Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Israeli Technology to secure ATMs in China

Risco, an Israel-based security technology company, has entered into
agreements with Chinese banks to equip their ATMs with sensors to monitor the
physical state of the machine, according to a report by
The Times of Israel.

The article said that Risco has not disclosed the names of the banks nor
the exact number of ATMs to have sensors installed, though they did say the
latter would be in the "tens of thousands." 
Simple sensors will alert if the machine is tipped, shaken, or struck.
More sophisticated seismic sensors will monitor for tampering efforts that use
drills, sledgehammers, heat and explosives, and other behaviors inconsistent
with the ATM's normal range of transactions. 

Risco is considered one of Israel’s premier security
firms. Recently the company’s technology was one of a handful chosen to
provide security service for the World Cup games in Brazil. Officials at the
new $300 million Arena Pantanal in Cuiabal used RISCO’s Command and Control
solution to secure the hundreds of doors and turnstiles in the arena, providing
protection from unauthorized entry and counterfeit tickets.

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