Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Xiaomi Sold 20,000 Units of Mi3 Mobile Phone Within 2.4 Seconds

Xiaomi, Chinese leading smartphone manufacture sold yesterday on Flipkart, India's leading online megastore, 20,000 units of their Mi3 smartphone within 2.4 seconds. The sale began at 2pm and users that tried to order the smartphone received the message that the sale was completed and the smartphones are out of stock.


Xiaomi started to sell in India on July 22nd and it took 40 minutes for all the smartphones to be sold. the second batch was sold in 5 second and the third batch at a record speed of less than 2 seconds. Next sale is schedule to begin on August 19th and registration begins today.

Last year Xiaomi invested in Pebbles Interfaces, Israeli start up that develops advanced motion sensors.

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