Friday, September 19, 2014

Winnovation and Financial Investor From China to Invest $3.3 million in Beyond Verbal

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL,  – Beyond Verbal, the world’s Emotions Analytics leader, today announced a new cloud-based Wellness API tailored to developers of wellness and fitness solutions to create emotionally-aware apps, devices and services.

Simply using the human voice, the Beyond Wellness API turns a smartphone, microphone-equipped wearable device or app into a sensor that discovers and proactively tracks emotional wellbeing over time and in correlation with different lifestyle activities or events.

This announcement comes in conjunction with an additional $3.3 million round of funding led by Winnovation, SingulariTeam, and an unnamed financial services firm from China, bringing total funds invested in Beyond Verbal to more than $7 million.

Beyond Wellness API adds a new dimension to human-machine interaction for wellness tracking, the technology can be used to spot trends in the change of peoples’ overall emotional state and can be correlated with daily activities, life-style choices, fitness and more. Until now, emotions discovery and tracking have been largely limited to users self-logging and subjectively reporting their perceived emotions. With the Beyond Wellness API, emotional discovery is now instantly available in a more insightful, objective, scalable and scientific way.

“Wellness and fitness applications have advanced tremendously in recent years through technologies that quantify our exercise, our diet and our behavioral patterns. With the launch of Beyond Wellness API, we’re about to take another huge leap forward by enabling emotionally-aware wellness and fitness applications and devices,” said Yuval Mor, CEO, Beyond Verbal. “Since our initial launch, our primary requests have come from those in the healthcare and wellness space asking our company to integrate those aspects into the platform.”

Beyond Verbal’s technology is based on 19 years of research, hundreds of thousands of emotionally-tagged voices in over 30 languages, and five granted patents. The technology decodes and measures moods, attitudes and decision-making traits based on the underlying emotions that are carried through the sound of the human voice. The Beyond Verbal Wellness API will be available end of month.

Emotion analytics are continuing to be implemented as an additional layer into already existing intelligence platforms. Beyond Verbal recently partnered with Lieberman Research Worldwide (LRW), and also launched their first consumer based app, Moodies. Beyond Verbal launched in May 2013 and has raised over $7 million to date.

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