Wednesday, October 1, 2014

China's MRK Group to Invest Up To $100m In Israeli Wearable Startup Imagine

Calcalist reported today that MRK Science &Technology Development (Group) Co. Ltd. from Nanjing, China will invest $5 million in Israeli wearable computer startup Imagine.

The investment by MRK Group can go up to $100 million.

Imagine Mobile Augmented Reality was established by Prop. Gabby Sarusi and the CEO Daniel Grinberg. Grinberg is an expert in designing complex software solutions, including virtual intelligence, computer vision and embedded systems, focusing on structure and application analysis. Professor Sarusi is a Professor at the electro optics dept. at Ben-Gurion University with more than 20 years' experience in the electro optics industry.

Imagine develops augmented reality (AR) glasses that combine unique technology with human, urban and natural surroundings for a whole new concept and experience. Imagine developed the Theia Glasses which are see-thru, augmented reality smart glasses that enable the user to see virtual objects in full size and integrated to the real surroundings as seen by the user. The glasses enable true stereoscopic 3-dimensional (3D) effect fixed to real life, creating a real and virtual integrated scenario.

The glasses running a unique operation system, which can run on a variety of platforms like Android, Linux, Windows and others. The operating system includes logical and algorithmic abilities to fix the virtual objects to the reality. The system is hands-free format, and enables communication via voice commands, touch panel and gesture control. System on the glasses including tracking, cameras, audio, communication devices and others. All the components are built-in on the glasses.

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