Monday, October 13, 2014

Tencent Leads US$100M Investment in Chinese Medical Service, an online medical service provider, announced today over US$100 million funding which is led by Tencent.

Weiyi, a pair of mobile apps for connecting patients and doctors, will be integrated into Tencent’s mobile messaging apps, WeChat and Mobile QQ, according to the announcement. Guahao means patient appointment scheduling in Chinese. That’s where the company started off in 2010. has introduced more than 900 hospitals in 23 Chinese provincial level regions. Users are able to find all the hospitals and doctors on the site, schedule appointments, read medical tips provided by doctors, or rate hospitals/doctors.

The site has more than 37 million verified users and 120,000 registered doctors, according to the company.

Weiyi is a newly established service that will expand existing offerings to mobile payments, medical record keeping, and more features for interactions between doctors and users. Weiyi will be officially launched later this week.

Medical and healthcare has become another vertical industry, apart from transportation, mobile commerce/payments, and the like, where Chinese Internet giants have begun fighting. Alibaba Group announced a Future Hospital plan earlier this year that would add features similar to what Guahao has and will offer onto Alipay Wallet, the flagship mobile app of the Chinese e-commerce giant.

Before Guahao, Tencent has invested US$70 million in Dingxiangyuan (DXY), a Chinese online medical service which is focused on medical & health information and hospital & doctor data.

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