Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chinese Internet Tycoon Xu Xiaoping to Invest In Israeli Start Up Percepto

Chinese internet tycoon Xu Xiaoping participated in the recent $1 million investment round in the Israeli computer vision drone technology startup Percepto. Other investors in the funds are R&R Ventures, Ronald Lauder venture fund and Mark Cuban, NBA's Dallas Mavericks. Existing investor in Percepto, Israeli based The Elevator, also invested in this round.

Percepto develops a camera that can be mounted on an existing drone. The user can then download apps to a mobile phone that can interact with the camera in different ways. The company has already built apps for the device, including one that can automatically follow and film a particular object. But the idea is to let other developers join in. The company plans to open source its machine vision platform, enabling developers not just to build their own apps, but improve upon the vision software itself—the heart of the technology that allows drones to operate on their own.

Those could include collision avoidance, urban navigation, gesture control, or other applications that the company hasn’t even thought of yet.

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