Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sol Chip Completed a $5 million Series B Round, Led by Hong Kong Investor

Israeli start-up company Sol Chip completed Series B funding round of $5 million. Hong Kong based Dowell Property Holdings Limited led the round and invested $4 million.

Sol Chip, originated from Misgav incubator operated by The Trendlines Group, is a worldwide leading energy harvesting company that offers a unique maintenance-free Everlasting Solar Battery and IoT communication platforms.

Sol Chip’s IoT platform provides low power communication module coupled with self-sustaining energy harvesting technology. Due to Sol Chip’s breakthrough energy efficient design, Sol Chip’s IoT platform reduces overall system operation costs by over 60% compared to any other alternatives in the market these days.

Sol Chip’s technology provides a power and communication solutions for disruptive fields such as Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable tech. The Light Battery provides a 24/7 solution of the solar technology and the electronics - all in one sealed package including high voltage capabilities.

The company's Autonomous IoT Power & Communication Module enables maintenance free monitoring and control of IoT systems. Through its patented technology, Sol Chip integrates all the required components in a single power & communication module — to harvest and supply sustainable solar/light energy to low-power applications and to provide autonomous communication.

Dowell Property Holdings Limited is an investment holding company traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with a market cap of more than $100. 

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