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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Yahoo bought Israeli Ad startup ClarityRay

Israel-based ad startup ClarityRay has been acquired by Yahoo. ClarityRay’s focus has moved away from ad blocking to ad security and fraud detection. The details of the deal not published yet but we estimate that acquisition price was about $15 million. 

According to A Yahoo spokesperson on "ClarityRay is a company with deep expertise in ad-malware detection and prevention. The bottom line for Yahoo is that search is going to get better and safer for users, and advertising will become more reliable and profitable for partners". 

ClarityRay announce today:

Our vision has always been making the eco-system safe, compliant and sustainable for consumers, publishers and advertisers. We helped the online advertising industry take a big step towards that direction by identifying, measuring, and solving many of its unseen hurdles inhibiting that. We brought traffic clarity to an amazing roster of clients, with our findings becoming an industry standard.
Joining Yahoo now will allow us to make use of that momentum and take the next steps (or rather, leaps) towards that vision, and we couldn't be more excited. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity enables the mass scaling of our technology, impact and ideas to the absolute forefront of our field, while working with an amazing team who shares our passion. We're proud to call Yahoo 'home'.
We would like to thank our customers, employees, partners and investors. You've made this voyage fulfilling, challenging, successful and fun.