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Monday, August 18, 2014

Wibbitz Unveils Wibbitz 3.0

Wibbitz, an Israeli start up that develops a unique text-to-video technologies, announced Wibbitz 3.0 for iOS with new never before seen features. The fully redesigned app introduces responsive design to news summaries selecting different content for different platforms. The new version also features real voice-over narration for top news stories, as well as the option of a short text summary.
The fully redesigned app also includes enhanced features and functionality. With Wibbitz 3.0 users can now listen to top news articles with real voice-over narration. In addition, for users who prefer a textual summary over watching a video, the new app now offers that option as well.
Additional new features in Wibbitz 3.0 include: 
- Video & Text Summaries: Now you can choose to watch a video or read a text summary
- Real Voice-Over Narration: Top news stories feature authentic narration 
- Reimagined Design: New sleek look, redesigned with card-like articles 
- Intuitive UX & Navigation: Easy to use and operate
- Effortless Gestures: Swiping right/left to flip between articles

You can download the app here: Link

Here is a link with a video news wire about the death of Robin Williams: Link